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PhotoFinder is a photo organizing software that utilizes machine learning
to do the boring work of organizing your photos for you

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How Can PhotoFinder Help You?

Our software minimizes the time required to organize, store and find your best photos.

We make it easy to find your best photos

PhotoFinder crunches your entire library to derive at which your favourite photos are, worthy in being in your family album. On top of that, PhotoFinder will learn about what photos you like and love, to make a truly personalized experience.

Organize with ease

PhotoFinder allows you to filter, sort and organize accross multiple parameters. Want to create an album with the happiest photos from the Summer of 2016? We got you covered.

Get control of your photo library

One key ambition with PhotoFinder is to make sure you are in control of your photos. We will not hide or obscure your access to your photos. Instead, they will be organized for you so that you can work with them with ease.

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